Nature is viciously beautiful

Nature is beautiful. A splendid expanse of greenery with a lake upfront kissed by a layer of mist. And then the golden rays just stops by to hover over it after meandering aimlessly. And then the birds and their symphony to soothe the soul. And then a million stars at night for company. No traces of plastic nor a blade of phone signal nor a human in sight. And then a palsy afflicted child. And then to raise her, a single father. And then the onset of perpetual chain of woes that nature designs for them.

Nature is cruel too.

And then nature drags them to this place set in a terribly polluted urban milieu. A cluttered expanse of concrete mired with traffic and dust accompanied by the cacophony of vehicle sounds in air. Not a blade of grass visible. Material, humans, emotions. Everything seem so plastic and suggestive. And in the midst of it all, against this blinding glare, rises a silhouette of that child clasping the arms of her father. They both gaze in awe and agony respectively, at this place that was everything the previous place was not. And his attempts to make sense of and endure the murky reality in front of him of his girl coming of age, make their chain of woes grow further and further until at one point, where nature resurrects their life with new found love and profound purpose.

Thus a new lease of life ensues. A life to live every moment.

Nature is beautiful. All over again. And is, forever.

Between a “another sparrow shouldn’t die” to a “Let’s go to the sea bed”, you changed our perception from nowhere it will happen to somewhere it is happening. Thank you Director Ram for unleashing a poetic carnage with your movie, Peranbu.

Writer. Marketer. Analyst. Photographer.

Writer. Marketer. Analyst. Photographer.