Some just pour in. Some sneak in. Some would just vanish. Some stay forever. Some haunt us. Some motivate us. Some would improvise, expand and take control. Some would take us back in time and kindle joy or sorrow. Sometimes it is a tad hazy and sometimes, outright vacuum. This is roughly how the schematic of our mind and the torrential flow of thoughts inside, churning out emotions, would look like. A kaleidoscope of emotions or pitch darkness. Chaos or eerie silence.

As we keep juggling with our emotions, we tend to pick the ones that we are more connected to. Then we all employ different methods to refine and stack them for a retrospection with different perspectives and better senses and in the process, dousing the mayhem. I have taken to writing and transforming them all to a form that can be shared to the world. And to do so, I could not have chosen a better medium than Medium.

From the awe travel gives to the adrenaline new ideas give to the joy of clicking pictures, meeting people to the gadgets, apps that excite me to many more random thoughts I confront with. I shall revisit and cherish them all by sharing here.

I will bring all my old articles as well that are scattered elsewhere.

Also I would love to read articles that people share here, on various topics, from across the world.

In a way its a conversation that I look forward to. Cheers!

Writer. Marketer. Analyst. Photographer.

Writer. Marketer. Analyst. Photographer.