A R T. From liberation to abduction, decoding a sanity agent.

Every time an idea is conceived and a craft is built upon it, with our heart invested into, driven by passion and perseverance, a seed is sown. A seed that awaits its turn to sprout into a form which is believed to have in it, the very purpose of our being.

A form that invariably mirrors what was until then well concealed by all the trash we recklessly dump within us. The Inner self! Undeterred albeit well concealed. The quest to unearthing it begins here and with every craft built, our inner self is extricated slowly and steadily. Hence, this form is truly restorative in identifying us, in gathering us, in completing us and eventually in liberating us.

A form that fissions into more seeds and spreads swiftly across the landscape till it becomes pervasive at one point to become a collective conscience that is passed onto generations, building cultures of a nation and creating our roots.

A form that has got a big hand in effectively greasing the state machinery and keeps it running, within the constitutional periphery. It lends us a canvas and lets us paint our anger, disappointment, disagreement we have with the governance as much as it lets us warmly approve of the system, at times. It, in the process, abducts us from the usually frail we to the inimitable we, the curious we, the furious we.

A form that reaches out to people beyond walls, fences and frontiers, brokering peace and engaging us all in a rational dialogue centered around unification, that speaks one global language. Thus creating a single global community.

Art. A cohesive means to keep our world on its axis. To keep it spinning. To keep it sane.

Let us practice, preserve and transform into one.

Writer. Marketer. Analyst. Photographer.

Writer. Marketer. Analyst. Photographer.