A day out at the Pushkar Mela. Hop on the hump.

A large canvas of sands dotted with camels and turban clad traders. And a nomad in the midst of it all, all mad with the index finger firmly on the shutter button, throwing his camera at everything possible, is how one could have described me at the Mela. The annual camel and livestock fair happens at Pushkar in Rajasthan, India every year. The event attracts huge pile of Photographers from all over the world. So huge that, to camels it might well look like a photographers fair. The scenes were magical indeed, especially in the golden hours, with every ray that passes, makes silhouette of camels with their long necks dangling in the air rhythmically.

The different hues of Pushkar from dawn to dusk. The Hop-on-the-Hump photo series.

Writer. Marketer. Analyst. Photographer.

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